The Hug Song (Single)

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Sharon & Bram

Original Release Date: February 8, 2019

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Have You Had A Hug Today? Campaign

hug song image.jpg

Don’t put it off… do it now one, two, three...

Everybody Hug!

It will make you feel so good and you will see

It will make the world a better place to be

Who couldn’t use a hug these days?  

Just in time for Valentines’ Day,  legendary children’s entertainers Sharon (Hampson) and Bram (Morrison) are calling on all  friends to help them send a hug like a wave across the country!  

Sharon and Bram’s hug campaign takes its inspiration from a growing social movement that promotes hugs as a random act of kindness performed to make others feel better.  To help them do it, we’ve created a hug frame for your Facebook profile pic :

For kids of all ages, these benefits include reducing stress, boosting immunity, and promoting long-term psychological health. Or, as The Hug Song lyrics say, “It’s a scientific fact if it’s huggin’ that you lack/ It can change you from a lamb into a maniac.” That’s were we need your help.   

We’re asking everyone to use the hug frame on Thursday February 7th  and to post their new profile pic with the hug frame and:

  1. Tag @sharonandbram

  2. Use the #s:  #EverybodyHug, and #FarewellSharonAndBram

Not only is this Sharon & Bram’s 40th anniversary year, it is also their last year touring and they are saying good-bye with a cross-Canada tour and the release of several new songs that are meaningful to them – such as the Hug Song, being released February 8th.

We hope we can count on your support to send a Hug Wave across Canada – to spread a little joy and help all of us better connect.