Elephant Records, Inc. Edition (Canada)

Elephant Records, Inc. Edition (Canada)

Original Release Date: September 1, 1979

Re-Release Dates:
October 17, 1990
June 13, 2006

©1979, 1980 Elephant Records Inc.
©1990 A&M Records, Inc.
©2006 Casablanca Kids, Inc.

Distributed by:
Elephant Records, Inc.
A&M Records Canada, Ltd.
A&M Records, Inc.
Casablanca Kids, Inc.

Available On:
Vinyl LP / Cassette / CD

1. Peanut Butter
2. Head & Shoulders, Baby
3. Hold 'em Joe
4. Three Little Monkeys
5. Did You Feed My Cow?
6. Long-Legged Sailor
7. Newfoundland Jig Medley
8. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
9. Jennie Jenkins
10. "A" You're Adorable
11. Hobo's Lullaby
12. Hey Dum Diddeley Dum
13. Smorgasbord
14. Sur le Pont D'Avignon / Le Siecle du Vin
15. Chirri Bim
16. Dan, Dan the Dirty Old Man
17. Father Papered the Parlor
18. My Dog Rags
19. Dirty Old Bill
20. Cheerio
21. Che Che Koolay
22. Mango Walk
23. Riding Along (Singing A Cowboy Song)
24. Michael Finnegan
25. Little Sally Saucer
26. Train Is A-Comin'

Album Notes:

Smorgasbord is a natural progression from our first record, One Elephant, Deux Elephants. Whereas the Elephant record was made by four musicians coming together for the first time, Smorgasbord is more a result of the growth which comes from traveling and performing together across Canada, as we've done this year. Your response to One Elephant, Deux Elephants has been enthusiastic and gratifying: you can expect more of the same fun from Smorgasbord, and some new surprises too. Our newest children's record is once again for the whole family to enjoy - Bon Appetit!

- Sharon, Lois, Bram &  Bill (July 1979)

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