Skinnamarink TV

Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc. Edition (Canada)

Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc. Edition (Canada)

Original Release Date: October 20, 1998

Re-Release Dates:
November 27, 2001

©1998 Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc.
©2001, 2008 Casablanca Kids, Inc.

Distributed by:
Kids Motion, Inc., A Coscient Group Company
Elephant Records, Inc.
Casablanca Kids, Inc.

Available On:
Cassette / CD

1. Skinnamarink TV Theme
2. The Sun Has Got His Hat On
3. Smile Medley
4. Sunny Disposish
5. Limerick Song
6. Daddy's Whiskers
7. I Will
8. I Have A Little Tricycle
9. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
10. Mr. Spaceman
11. Peanut Butter
12. On A Picnic We Will Go
13. Ice Cream
14. A Proper Cup of Cocoa
15. Ham & Eggs
16. One Finger, One Thumb
17. Grandma's Feather Bed
18. Everybody Happy?
19. Going to the Garden to Eat Worms
20. Miss Lucy
21. Dancing On Daddy's Shoes
22. Johnny Lad
23. Swim Little Fish
24. Skinnamarink

Album Notes:

Welcome to Skinnamarink TV music-land! This collection is as much about the making of a TV show as it is about songs and sounds. The musicians and engineers and arrangers who shaped this album are noted here so the listener can appreciate the fullness of their talents. But not mentioned are the TV production people, who framed each song with sets and props and costumes and lights and sound, who set each scene with words and movement and imagination, and who gave their very best to this project because they believe young hearts and minds are deserving of no less.

So, when you listen-sing-laugh-clap-dance-play-along to this album,
we hope you will join us in a merry "Bravo!" to all these fine folks in music and TV land.

We had a swell time with this music - and we hope you will too.

- Sharon, Lois & Bram

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