Skinnamarink CD [Promo]

Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc. Edition (Canada)

Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc. Edition (Canada)

Original Release Date: September 1997

Re-Release Dates:

©1997 Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc.

Distributed by:
Skinnamarink Entertainment, Inc.

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1. Skinnamarink TV Theme
2. The Sun Has Got His Hat On

3. Doin' the Dinosaur Rag
4. Isn't It Grand
5. I Love Onions
6. Pizza Polka
7. Swim Little Fish
8. Legendary Chicken Fairy
9. Dance Myself to Sleep
10. Great Big Muscles
11. I Will
12. Poppa Loves Mambo
13. Tommy Thumb / Thumbelina
14. Ice Cream
15. Mr. Spaceman
16. I Have A Little Tricycle
17. Dancing On Daddy's Shoes
18. Tennessee Wig Walk
19. A Flea, A Fly & A Flue
20. Daddy's Whiskers
21. There's A Pirate On The Very Same Ship
22. Grandma's Feather Bed
23. Cookin' Breakfast For the Ones I Love
24. I Don't Want To Live On the Moon
25. Skinnamarink (Instrumental)


Album Notes:

HIT songs from their NEW CBC and The Learning Channel TV Series!