Press & Reviews

"Charming, Irresistible"

New York Times

"The cheers are THUNDEROUS! The public loves them... they really are Canadian Stars"

Toronto Star

"Contagious...makes music a family affair"

Montreal Gazette

"Absolutely dazzling"

Boston Globe

"Simply the best musicians for children in North America, and probably the world"

Toronto Star

"Childhood should always be so much fun!"

Toronto Star

"Try 'Sharon, Lois & Bram' and watch preschoolers' eyes light up from coast to coast"

Los Angeles Times

"They are so well-loved, by virtue of their wit, perceptiveness and ability, that children want to be like them"

All-Music Guide (Bob Hinkle)

"Endearing, lively, swingy, and jolly... makes you feel like a kid again"

Montreal Gazette

"Best thing since peanut butter!"

Toronto Star

"Better than recess"

Toronto Star

"The hottest thing since high-top sneakers"

People Magazine

"Contagious! The trio's affection for children comes across instantly... demonstrates that music is an integral part of life"



New York Daily News