One Elephant, Deux Eléphants

A&M Records, Inc. Edition (USA)

A&M Records, Inc. Edition (USA)

Original Release Date: September 1, 1978

Re-Release Dates:
October 17, 1990
December 12, 1995
May 21, 2002
July 20, 2004
February 12, 2008

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Vinyl LP / Cassette / CD / VHS


1. Cookie Jar
2. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
3. Flea Fly Mosquit
4. Five Little Monkeys

5. Going to Kentucky
6. Turkey In the Straw

7. Candy Man, Salty Dog
8. Bee Bee Bumblebee
9. The Old Sow
10. The Wind
11. Skinnamarink (1978)

12. Gavotte (from J.S. Bach)
13. Michaud
14. Inky Pinky Ponky
15. Tingalayo
16. Elephant Rhyme
17. One Elephant, Deux Elephants
18. Ho Ho Watanay
19. Little Tommy Tinker
20. One Potato, Two Potato
21. Old John Braddeleum
22. Is There Anybody Here?
23. Paw Paw Path
24. In the Land of Oz
25. Looby Loo
26. John, John the Leprechaun
27. Shoo Be De Doop
28. Monday Night the Banjo
29. Yes Sir, You're My Baby
30. I'm Not Small
31. Star Light, Star Bright / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star / Bye 'n Bye
32. Bed Bugs

*"A, You're Adorable", "Five Little Fishies", & "Skinnamarink (1997)" only appear on the 25th Anniversary Special Edition.

There are some things you might like to know about this record, and about us. We are all friends, we are all musicians, and we've been singing with children around Ontario for what we figure is a combined total of over forty years.

e met with our friend, Bill Usher, one fine morning last January, and decided to make a record. We all had ideas about what we wanted it to be: it would be a record of the children's songs, games and chants we had collected and treasured over the years. It would present them in arrangements both original and traditional. It would feature children of all ages singing alone and with us. It would contain material uniquely Canadian. It would offer, as an added dimension, words and music in booklet form. It would be a children's record prepared with care for a discerning audience. It would entertain and inform. It would be a record for children  of all ages, to be enjoyed by the whole family.

ill, as producer, took these ideas and shaped them all into sounds more wonderful than any of us had imagined. The French word for producer is realizateur; Bill has indeed been the "realizer" of all these musical ideas.

One Elephant, Deux Elephants is the fruit of our collaboration. we made it with friends and with affection, and we made it for you. Ecoutez bien!

- Sharon, Lois & Bram (July 1978)


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