At The Zoo


1. One Elephant Went Out To Play
2. Going to the Zoo
3. Allison's Camel
4. I'm A Purple Elephant
5. The Smile On The Crocodile
6. "A" You're Adorable
7. Old Bald Eagle
8. Five Little Monkeys
9. The Aba Daba Honeymoon
10. Going to the Zoo (reprise)

11. Skinnamarink



It's fun, engaging and entertaining. It's a bright and lively series for the whole family, featuring Sharon, Lois & Bram,
their fun-loving sidekick named Elephant, and their musical pal, Eric Nagler.

ach episode is a magical, musical romp which features music videos, animation, live concert performances, and a special guest.
Videotaped in both city and country settings, The Elephant Show encourages learning and participation in each fun-filled half hour.

ome along with Sharon, Lois & Bram as they explore the world-famous Metro Toronto Zoo! Polar Bears, Hippos, Camels and of course Elephants are a few of the exotic animals and wild birds that our musical trio visits and sings about. Elephant and Eric Nagler join in the fun, but the zoo is so large that Elephant gets lost and needs the help of Mimist Paul Gaulin to find the way back to the others. Sharon, Lois & Bram sing some of their favorite songs.
So...'we're going to the zoo-zoo-zoo, how about you-you-you??!!!'