All the Fun You Can Sing!

Drive Entertainments, Inc. Edition (USA)

Drive Entertainments, Inc. Edition (USA)

Original Release Date: 1993

©1993 Elephant Records Inc.
©1994 Drive Entertainment Inc.

Distributed by:
Drive Entertainment Inc.

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Cassette / CD


1. Everybody Happy
2. Ha-Ha, This-A-Way
3. Cheerio
4. Up In the Air, Jr. Birdsmen
5. Miss Lucy
6. Pufferbellies
7. Doctor Knickerbocker
8. Grandpa's Farm
9. Gatgoon
10. There Was A Little Man
11. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
12. Peanut Butter & Jelly
13. Acorn Brown
14. Mairzy Doats
15. Fish & Chips & Vinegar
16. Tzena, Tzena
17. Chicken Medley (C-H-I-C-K-E-N/Chick, Chick Chicken/Ham & Eggs)
18. Move Over
19. Sarah the Whale
20. A Biscuit
21. Long-Legged Sailor
22. The Smile on the Crocodile
23. Susannah's A Funny Old Man
24. ABC Medley (The Alphabet Song/ABC Jig)
25. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
26. Once I Saw Three Goats
27. Five Little Monkeys
28. Where's My Pajamas?
29. Apple Picker's Reel

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Dear Friends,

rom the more than 300 songs we've recorded together, we hand-picked this collection for "on the way and when you get there". Our hope is that while the fun may begin in the backseat, it'll soon spread to have the whole family singing along.

- Sharon, Lois & Bram.

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