5.13 Birth of the Show


Original Air Date:
January 14, 1989

Guest Star:
Sneezy Waters

Guest Songs:
"Fun On the Bayou"

Stan Swan


How did The Elephant Show begin? Sharon, Lois & Bram and Eric answer the musical question "why?" in this nostalgic episode. Sharon wanted a game show, Bram wanted a drama, and Lois wanted a soap opera... so how did they choose a musical show? Elephant helps remind them of their true passion and talent. 

Songs include:

   One Elephant Went Out to Play
   Cuanto Le Gusta
   Susannah’s A Funny Old Man
   When the Iceworms Nest Again
   You’re Not Sick, You’re Just In Love
   Dirty Rotten Villain
   Fun On the Bayou
   One Elephant Went Out to Play

Watch below!

*Banner image created by Steve McKeown