4.9 An Elephant Never Forgets

Original Air Date:
December 7, 1987

Guest Star:
The Shuffle Demons

Guest Songs:
"Mr. Shuffleafugus"

Stan Swan


An Elephant never forgets! Unless, of course, it’s plagued by a case of Pachyderm Amnesia! Those quirky jazz blowers The Shuffle Demons save the day by helping Elephant regain its memory just in time for Sharon, Lois & Bram’s big concert!

Songs include:

   One Elephant Went Out to Play
   Here We Go Round the Ching-Go-Ring
   Mr. Shuffleafugus
   Old John Braddelum
   You Just Improvise
   All I Do Is Think Of You
   Gonna Find You
   One Elephant
   Bananas In Pajamas

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*Banner image created by Steve McKeown