4.4 Mother Goose


Original Air Date:
November 2, 1987

Guest Star:
Don Cullen
& Roy Wordsworth

Guest Songs:
"This Old Man"

Wayne Moss








A day of child care turns into fantasy fun amidst a fairy glade forest when playmates Wee Willie Winkle and Terence McDiddler entertain with nostalgic delight!

Songs include:

   One Elephant Went Out to Play
   Something In My Shoe
   It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
   This Old Man
   Rubber Blubber Whale
   Five Little Fishies
   Circle of the Sun
   Lavender’s Blue
   Sing A Song of Six Pence
   Bye Bye Blackbird
   Hail to Britannia


Watch below!

*Banner image created by Steve McKeown